Our Literacy Policy

All-In Productions Literacy Policy

All-In Productions welcomes unsolicited scripts at any time of the year.

All-In Productions create theatre and interactive experiences for those who don’t normally engage in the arts. We are based in Norwich and work all over the UK. All-In Productions work in many different styles, dealing with contrasting subject matters and for a range of different audiences. One minute this could mean creating an interactive pantomime for Toddlers and their families, the next a one-man show about mental health to be performed in non theatrical spaces.

We seek to develop new work that is:

Thematically expansive – We are interested in playwrights and plays that present unique challenges to ideological assumptions about community, nation and world.

Ideologically brave – We are a theatre that programmes politically engaged plays to challenge the vanities, hypocrisies and oppressions of our times.

Artistically ambitious – We actively seek playwrights who have moving and unusual insights into the nature of our social world. With unheard or unrepresented voices and whose theatrical voice and vision are unique.

We welcome scripts from both unrepresented and represented writers. We programme productions in accordance with the company’s artistic policy and additionally we maintain an extensive, pro-writer development process consisting of one-to-one dramaturgy and workshops. As a matter of policy, we do not believe in “development” for the sake of it, and are always actively searching for playwrights and plays that we can actually produce.

We are looking to build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with a playwright and working closely with them over a long period.


What we are looking for?

We encourage script submissions on all subjects and themes, but we are particularly interested in:

  • Plays from unheard or unrepresented voices.
  • Plays for children
  • Plays for non theatrical settings.
  • We welcome scripts from international writers, but can only accept plays written in English.
  • Plays about the Norfolk area, local history and personalities.
  • Plays that are politically and Socially engaged.
  • New writing by writers of all ages.

How to submit?

Please don’t send us your very first draft. Please give your script time to settle, read it again, seek feedback from your peers and incorporate some rewrites. The fourth draft is usually when a play is ready for us to consider.

All pages of the script must be numbered. It’s also helpful if you include the play title, your name and your contact details in small print on every page.

A short synopsis of the plot.

A one-page CV of your writing experience to date including any readings/productions you may have had. If you do not have a CV, some idea of your background and writing experience included in your cover letter is fine.

Please ensure that your script include all your contact details, and, specifically, your email address. If you do not include an email address, we will not reply to you.


We always try to return your script as quickly as we can. The time is takes will vary from a week to up to three months, and is entirely dependent on how many scripts we have received.

Please do not call or email us to check the progress of your script unless we have had it for more than three months.

Please provided us with a stamped addressed envelope to return your script. Scripts we receive without an envelope will be recycled.

Our email is lnfo@all-inproductions.co.uk
Please read all the guidelines above before submitting your play.