September 2016 #ScratchNights @_Thegarage

Our #ScratchNight in September included the following pieces from artists: Slow Theatre Company, Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, Amy Ollet and TheLab

Slow Theatre Company – I’m Here

I’m Here, is a new performance based on the writing of carers of people living with dementia. Notebooks are continually distributed to carers for them to use as they wish, Slow’s resident writer sculptures the thoughts, feelings and memories into this evolving piece of theatre.

Slow Theatre Company provides opportunities for local communities and people who face challenges to use theatre both artistically and therapeutically, through workshops and through the development and professional performance of new work. We also run high-quality and affordable classes in acting and stage techniques for children, young people and adults. We strive to be inclusive, tolerant and always treat people with respect developing confidence & communication skills, exploring imagination and creating space for thought. Slow Theatre Company believes in people, purpose, and passion.

Chinasa Vivian Ezugha – The Mother’s who Carried Me

The Mother’s who Carried Me is a new project that Chinasa Vivian Ezaugha is working in collaboration with Rosie Cooper.

Chinasa Vivian Ezugha makes work that attempts to connect her to her cultural heritage in Nigeria and to the questions she is asking about her identity as a black woman living in England. Ezugha, graduated from Aberystwyth University, Schoo
l of Art with a first class BA in Fine Art 2014. She is an interdisciplinary artist, working in live art, film and drawing.
“a raw unedited power, too distinct to miss. Charged and alive, Ezugha’s presence irrepressibly seeps through her skin into every action, imbuing them with strong personal, political and cultural significance.” Zierle & Carter.
Vivian Chinasa Ezugha – She offered us her audience her spirit, true, fierce, indomitable and passionate and what else can we ask of a performer, what else can we ask of another human being but to inspire us to continue.

Amy Ollet and TheLab – ‘648’

‘648’ is a practice work that revives from the ideas of animalistic qualities in the emotional connectivity of human and animal behaviours. The ideas of forced love of a women to a man carry the piece which are exposed through imagery both still and live, captu
ring the mood and aesthetic quality of the piece.

Amy Ollett is Creative Director and Choreographer for ‘TheLAB’. The company was first established in California 2014 whilst studying Dance at California State University Fullerton and Kingston University London. TheLAB’s work involves a constant experiment and exploration of the links between dance, fashion and imagery. They are interested in how these elements combined can create a moving and aesthetically appealing image which is transcended both through still and live imagery oppositions. I will be investigating into areas of live art and dance with this combination of fashion editorial, commercial and contemporary imagery. As Amy explores work within her dance practice, she is continuing her research and will be studying for an MA in Fashion at the Norwich University of Arts as of September. It is important for her work to see both sides of what is commercial and contemporary art whilst recognising its differences and similarities. Both of these elements come into play in all of TheLAB’s works and the partnership of the two can be very moving. TheLAB want to know and see how I can develop my work to identify with both of these industries and how these two can join to create a unique practice..