My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks

My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks plays from November 26, 2021– January 16, 2022

Your carriage awaits for My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks
Who needs princes when you have rock and roll! 
Ella dreams of being a world-famous rock star but she must clean and cook for her horrid sisters. Until her dreams become a reality she must make do with her sisters trying to sabotage every show. Her life is turned upside down by her mice who join Ella’s band and help her on her way to play the music at the royal party with just a little bit of magic sparkle. My First Panto: Cinderella Rocks, is the only panto in all the land that allows you the audience to get up and join in. You will be rocking out with Ella and her sisters. Dancing along with the mice and helping to make sure Ella gets her happy ever after.