My First Panto: Jack and the Beansprout

Jack and his mother are poor, very poor! So poor, that they have to sell their cow Daisy.

A magical encounter and Jack has beans, but no cow and no money!

A beansprout in the back garden will take Jack and his mother to a world they have never dared to imagine.

Will they get their beloved Daisy the Cow back? How will Jack make it back down the beansprout with all that gold? And what will the world look like if the giant comes down the beansprout as well?

Join us, to see this classic Pantomime: Jack and the Beansprout get the My First Panto treatment as All-In Productions and The Garage embark on this Christmas production together following the success of last year’s smash hit My First Panto: Little Red Riding Hood. My First Panto: Jack and the Beansprout re-imagines this classic fairy story putting the audience at the center of the action and asking them to help Jack, his Mother and Daisy the Cow throughout this adventure to the land of the Giants. From getting Daisy the Cow ready for Market, helping Jack plant the magic beans in the garden and searching the land of the giants for golden eggs; you take part in this performance rather than just watching from a distance. This immersive children’s theatre will captivate your child’s imagination as they make believe with Jack and his friends.


Created especially for young children and their families, this production will have you singing, dancing and playing with Jack, his Mother and Daisy the Cow throughout this magical adventure. A family-friendly experience, in a relaxed setting for your little ones to participate in theatre for the first time; babies can be fed and children play along with the action. My First Panto: Jack and the Beansprout, is the event the whole family can enjoy and play together.

Age: 2-5
Running Time: 50-60 minutes (depending on how much you play)

Tickets: £12.50 Adult/ £7.50 Child, Under 1’s go free.
Bookings: 01603 598646 / Online

To book for relaxed performances (in white) please contact The Garage directly on 01603 283382.


Cast List 

Jack                                              Mum                                     Fairy Godmother

Rob Gathercole                            Jack Blakey                           Celeste Collier



Director – Daniel Burgess

Composer & Lyrics – Lloyd Gorman

Musical Director – Rob Gathercole

Producer – Adam Taylor

Assistant Producer – Hannah-Rose Wiltshire

Technical Stage, Production Management & Design – James Burgess

Scenic Artists – Alain Mansfield & Millie Carter

Costumes – Pauline Dyball

Videographer – Wesley Burgess