#ScratchNights @_TheGarage

Scratch Night 4th October 2019 

The Garage and All-In Productions

Come and see something brand new! Scratch Night is a platform to support the work in progress performances from local performance companies.

Tickets : £5

Guttersnipe Theatre presents Shuga Fixx Vs The Illuminati
Shuga Fixx versus the Illuminati – one girl band take on the Satanic puppet-masters of the ultimate inner-circle. A satirical black comedy with original pop bangers, uber-femme-trash costume and ancient lizards. ‘Shuga Fixx vs. The Illuminati’ explores our treatment of young talent, celebrity culture and the cult figures who are really running the show.

HopSkip presents There’s No Place Like…
A girl has helped build an incredible machine that will explore mars and make amazing scientific discoveries, but when the robot it leaves to fulfil its purpose, she questions her own purpose. Can she find her independence and her place in an over-populated world?

This family show is based one of the women who helped build the Mars Rover Curiosity.

Natalie Songer presents Satellites
In the year 2,002,018, the space craft Pioneer 10 arrives at the giant star of Aldebaran. In 1945, while serving in the Dutch Resistance, Tom and his brother Cor lose each other in war. Tom became part of one of humanity’s greatest successes as a scientist in the NASA space programme; while Cor became a number in humanity’s greatest failure- the concentration camp system. Generations later, their great-niece goes on a journey to reunite them.

In an epic true story of family heritage, disappearance and space travel written between the farmland of North Holland and the deserts of Arizona, Satellites asks questions about who and what we leave behind, and how we can begin to measure the immeasurable.

Pypt Lim present Title TBC 
An improvised performance of dance, electronic music and analogue video. The work explores the concept of integrated co – creation between improvisational dance, video and sound.

Ripstop Theatre present Paper Mountain, the Monster of Drumdadee
Original songs and music played on the double bass tell the story of the village of Drumdadee where nothing exciting happens. We meet the villagers and find out what they think of the moving island that has appeared off their coast. And we meet Petal, who everyone thinks is sweet and pretty. But Petal never liked her name and defies everyone’s expectations with her big dreams of becoming a circus performer. Her strength and independent thinking turn out to be just what the village needs to defeat the monster.

Inspired by a traditional folk tale Ripstop Theatre have created an engaging and contemporary story about embracing challenges, welcoming outsiders and getting help from unexpected places.

What is Scratch night?

All-In Productions wanted to help give a platform to great new art, and to support the development of local performance companies. By teaming up with The Garage we are proud to present #ScratchNights

Each of the companies involved in #ScratchNights have received 5 free days space in The Garage, mentoring and support on the project and their organisation and will take away 100% of the Box Office takings, as an investment in their future work.

Come see a roster of the region’s most talented artists perform new material from shows they are working on in a fantastically fast showcase of 15 minute slots, featuring an eclectic range of disciplines. There will be time for feedback and discussion at the end of the evening.

All-In Productions are looking for local performance companies to take part in the next of it’s of Scratch Night on Friday 21st Febuary 2020, 8pm in co-production with  The Garage.


Do you have an exciting new idea for a piece of performance? Are you struggling to find the space and support you need?

All-In Productions wants to help give a platform to great new art, and to support the development of local performance companies. By teaming up with The Garage and we are proud to present #ScratchNights

Apply now for a chance to take part in our scratch process..

All-In productions and The Garage can give you..

  • FREE SPACE- 5 days of rehearsal space worth over the value of £1000 in the performance hub that is The Garage Norwich.
  • ARTISTIC MENTORING – Our brilliant Artistic Director will be on hand to give you advice and feedback throughout your time with us.
  • PRODUCER MENTORING- We can give you guidance on anything from your budgets to writing your funding bids.
  • PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY – As part of your time with us, you will share what you have been working on in our Scratch Night. This will be fully teched in our 113 seat studio theatre.
  • AUDIENCE FEEDBACK- After the show we will be hosting a feedback event with the audience. This is a fantastic chance to see what the audience thought and to get ideas on how to develop your piece further.
  • MONEY! – The company’s taking part in the scratch night, each take home an equal split of 100% of the box office taking.
  • LASTLY.. -You will be starting a valued relationship with a small scale programming venue.

So what are you waiting for… Apply here for any of our scratch night events

Click here for an application form

With further artist support and development of offer through our partner organisations The Garage, House and Norfolk County Council Arts Team.

The companies and individuals who have been a part of past #ScratchNights Include…