My First Panto: Little Red Riding Hood


Red is off to take cakes and sweets to her ill Granny who lives far, far away in the enchanted woods.

on the way she meets a stranger who is very interested in Granny and all may not be quite as it seems…

Grandma has big eyes and teeth and she’s hairy. Very hairy!

How will Red make it to Granny’s house? Will all the treats, cakes and sweets make it, too? And will she meet any strangers along the way to Granny’s?

Join us to see a tale as old as time: Little Red Riding Hood get the My First Panto treatment as All-In Productions and The Garage embark on this Christmas production together following the success of last year’s smash hit My First Panto: Cinderella.

A family friendly experience, in a relaxed setting for your little ones to participate in theatre for the first time; babies can be fed and children play along with the action.

My First Panto: Little Red Riding Hood is the event the whole family can enjoy and play together.

Age: all
Running time: 50 minutes






Show Times

Friday 1 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Saturday 2 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Sunday 3 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Monday 4 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Tuesday 5 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Thursday 7  December 10.15am* & 1.15pm

Friday 8 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Saturday 9 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Sunday 10 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Monday 11  December 10.15am & 1.15pm*

Tuesday 12 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Thursday 14 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Friday 15 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Saturday 16 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Sunday 17 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Monday 18 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Tuesday 20 December 10.15am* &1.15pm

Thursday 21  December 10.15am* & 1.15pm

Friday 22 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Saturday 23 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Sunday 24 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Tuesday 26 December 11.15am &1.30pm

Thursday 27 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Friday 28 December 10.15am &1.15pm

Saturday 29 December 10.15am & 1.15pm

Times marked with an * are relaxed performances, suitable for those with special educational needs.

Tickets: £11 adult / £7 child / under 1’s go free
Bookings: 01603 598646 / online here

To book for the relaxed performances please contact The Garage directly on 01603 283382